Mavin - Beach! (= Congrats on 2000! That's amazing! And you totally deserve it! <33



“Michael, come on,” Gavin whines, tugging on Michael’s arm. Michael rips his arm out of Gavin’s grip and continues to sulk under the umbrella, feet pointedly avoiding the hot sand off the edge of the blanket. “You said you would come to the beach.”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Michael replies, crossing his arms and draping them over his knees. 

“No, I mean - why would you say you’d come when you’d be no fun?” Gavin huffs, blowing a stray strand of hair out of his face. He pulls impatiently at the string on his bathing suit, staring down at his brooding boyfriend.

“I came here because you wanted to come here, stupid,” Michael answers, not daring to back down from Gavin’s gaze. He can tell this is not the response Gavin was expecting. “It’s not about me. You love it here, so I came here for you.”

“Oh, I…thank you?”

“You’re fucking welcome. Now go build a goddamn sand castle and I’ll read on my smart phone like the forty year old woman I am.”

Gavin constructs the sand castle, the tallest part reaching his chest, and Michael comes out from under his umbrella of safety to place a stick on top. It stands proudly, the sun high in the sky while they admire their work. 

(Thank you very much! <333)

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