Fic: So Very Obvious To Everyone Watching Us

Or, in Nati’s words, Ratchet Ass Hoe (A Story Of How Ray Narvaez Jr. Was Infinitely Better Than Everyone). High school!AU: Gavin is roped into running a kissing booth as part of a fundraiser for senior prom. However, no one knows that he’s been dating Michael for the last six months. A dollar and a bit of courage is going to change their lives - for the better.

Rating: PG-13


“Oh, poor Gavin,” Burnie responds sarcastically, rolling his eyes before faking his best British accent (which really shouldn’t be anyone’s best). “I’m Gavin Free, I’m drowning in pussy. Woe is me.”

Gavin taps his fingers against the wooden counter of a makeshift booth, feigning interest in the student body around him. He’s not quite sure how he got roped into this; all he remembers is Griffon coming up to him while talking a mile a minute and managed to catch kissing booth and nice senior prom and cutest boy on the track team. He voices his dismay about having to run a kissing booth to Ray while he laces up his sneakers for practise that day.

“Dude, you’re complaining about getting paid to kiss girls. If you get to kiss Courtney, I’m disowning you as a friend,” Ray replies to Gavin’s complaints, standing up to begin stretching. “She’d definitely do that to spite me. She knows I like her. Fuck.”

Maybe Gavin would be more excited if he hadn’t been in a committed relationship  with Michael Jones for the past six months, who doubled over laughing and nearly pulled something when Gavin informed him of the fundraiser. Gavin retaliated by smacking Michael with the pillow from the head of his bed. It’s not Michael’s fault, it’s not Gavin’s fault - it’s the fault of the conservative town they live in, where they can keep their relationship a secret (save for both of their sets of parents) or face the inevitable backlash. At first Michael viewed it as stepping out of the closet just to walk right back in, but eventually learned that it was all for the better. They prided themselves on the fact they could keep a secret; no one had the slightest suspicion or even breathed the word relationship in their general direction.

“What am I going to do, Michael?” Gavin asks, flopping dejectedly onto the bed. Michael lays down next to him, propping his head up on his hand. “I don’t want these ladies jizzing all over me when I won’t ever feel that way about them. I feel sort of bad.”

“Jizzing all over you? That’s my job.”


“But seriously, you’re thinking too far into this,” Michael says, reaching out with his free hand and rests it reassuringly on Gavin’s arm. “You’re going to kiss some girls, make some money, and it’ll be over. Just for one day, Gavin.”

“I’m glad your kisses come free,” Gavin replies, finally finding the strength to relax and smiles at Michael. As if on cue, Michael leans forward and presses one to Gavin’s lips. “Is that mint chap stick?”

“I may or may not have bought it because I wanted my lips to smell like you, but I admit to nothing,” Michael turns a charming shade of red, then hides his face in the crook of his elbow. Gavin processes this information and can’t help but shove Michael a little, even if the sentiment made his heart absolutely skip a beat. (Not that he’d ever admit that, though.)

“You’re so corny.”

“Corny is what I do best.”


A week later, Gavin sits at the booth in the cafeteria, dealing with the seemingly endless stream of girls that come to receive his kiss. He’s told not deny anyone, but still politely asks if they have felt ill in the past couple days in order to preserve his health. Every girl tells him no with a smile on their face, which Gavin hasn’t decoded yet. When Michael’s lunch period comes forty minutes later, he temporarily closes the booth and slips into the line with Michael, brushing their hands ever so slightly in their own language of hi, I love you.

“Kill me,” Gavin says, leaning heavily against the wall. “I don’t want to do this any more.”

“Would it help if I said you’re about a quarter of the way there?” Michael asks, wishing he could do something to help, but knows there’s nothing he can do. Gavin has to deal, but Michael will make it up to him later. It’s his duty as boyfriend, and he will make sure he kisses all of those girls right off Gavin’s lips.

“Not really, but you tried.”

Gavin sits with the rest of the boys for five minutes, finishing his lunch and returning to his post. Michael shares with the table how Gavin is ready to gouge his eyes out with a plastic spoon if it meant not having to kiss any more girls, and the rest of the table shares a glance. 

“Oh, poor Gavin,” Burnie responds sarcastically, rolling his eyes before faking his best British accent (which really shouldn’t be anyone’s best). “I’m Gavin Free, I’m drowning in pussy. Woe is me.”

“He told me before he didn’t want to do it,” Ray says, mouth full of Doritos. “I wonder why he didn’t just tell Griffon no.” 

“Because when Griffon talks to you, it’s hard to say no,” Geoff speaks up, pointing to his earring. “I let her do this to me. I let her do it.”

“But Gavin’s not dating Griffon.”

“Shut up, Ray.”

“You’re just whipped, bro,” Michael says, the rest of the table making the stereotypical whipping noises and hand gestures in Geoff’s general direction. Geoff flips them all off and takes a swig from his milk carton. 

Michael looks up from his sandwich long enough to see a nervous underclassman walk up to the booth, fumbling with a dollar. She stutters out something unintelligible to Gavin, who smiles and accepts her money. He dips forward and places a kiss on her cheek (Michael assumes that was her request), leaving her even more flustered and red faced while she thanks him and scurries away from the booth. Her friends flock around her while giggling; Michael spots Gavin trying to hold his own laughter back. 

He thought he would be jealous of all this attention Gavin was (and is) getting, but he hasn’t felt the tug of envy in the pit of his stomach yet. However, when one junior leaves her pale pink lipstick smudged on Gavin’s lips about ten minutes later, the jealousy makes itself known. He’s tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone kiss his boyfriend; why can’t he do it, too? 

Slowly, it dawns on him: he can. 

“Someone give me a dollar,” Michael requests, after not speaking for several minutes. Ray pulls out his wallet and slides a dollar across the table. “Thanks, man.”

“Dude, are you getting a Snapple? Can you get me one, too?” 

“Nope,” Michael answers shortly, standing up to walk in the direction of the booth.

“But I’m thirsty…” Ray trails off as he watches Michael’s retreating back. 

MIchael slaps the dollar down on booth counter. He hears one whisper behind him before the entire cafeteria is buzzing, vibrating with the hushed tones. Gavin looks down at the dollar before staring up at Michael in horror.

“What are you doing?” Gavin questions, completely terrified, then pushes Michael’s dollar back across the counter. Michael doesn’t hesitate to push it back. “We can’t…”

“We can’t what, Gavin? Have you realised the only people that have been holding us back is ourselves?” Michael says, hand covering the dollar to stop Gavin from moving it again. “Look around, Gavin. These people do not define us. I don’t want to be scared any more. We can’t live our lives in fear.”

Gavin mulls the idea over; Michael can see it in his eyes. His heart pounds too loud in his ears to fully hear the whispers as Gavin curls his fingers around Michael’s, slipping the dollar out and depositing it into the jar. Michael looks up at Gavin just as he swoops over the counter to kiss him, taking Michael by surprise. The kiss seems to last for hours, even if it’s only a couple of seconds. Distantly, someone begins to clap slowly, before more people join in and the room is taken over by thunderous applause. 

“I didn’t know he was going to that with my dollar,” Ray says dumbly, staring at Michael and Gavin as they break apart to look around at the clapping occupants of the cafeteria. They smile, and it’s enough for Ray to smile as well.

“Ugh, gross,” One random girl says off to Geoff’s left. He whirls around, looking at her with enough fury to possibly shoot lasers out of his eyes. 

“Those are my friends, and there’s nothing gross about them. Shut up,” Geoff sneers at her, and the girl glares right back at him. He turns back after he decides that she isn’t worth his time.

“Don’t worry, Geoff. She’s a ratchet ass hoe,” Ray reassures him, patting his shoulder.

“Ratchet…ass…hoe,” Geoff repeats slowly, staring at Ray. “Are you fucking kidding me right now?”


“I’m ashamed to admit this, but I agree with Ray. She is a ratchet ass hoe, as much as it pains me to say that,” Burnie chimes in, causing Geoff to smack his head against the lunch table in disgust.

“I need new friends,” Geoff mumbles into the tabletop, before sitting up and rubbing at his forehead. Burnie laughs and claps a bit harder, giving a whoop of appreciation in Michael and Gavin’s direction.

“I don’t believe this,” Gavin expresses in awe, grabbing blindly for Michael’s hand. Michael grips his tightly and holds it still, even if he’s shaking slightly.

“Me either,” Michael replies, just as awestruck as Gavin. He lets go of Gavin’s hand momentarily to walk around the booth and embrace him in a hug, earning a few exclamations of their cuteness from the crowd. He grins into Gavin’s shoulder and feels safe in his own skin for one of the first times in his life.

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