“Oh god, we have to go! Michael, we have to go!” Gavin shouts, rushing around their apartment like a lunatic, gathering articles of baby clothing and rechecking the blanket in the carrier about twelve times. “Babies don’t wait for anyone, Michael. Nature doesn’t wait!” 

“Barbara only called about five minutes ago to say that her water broke, you idiot,” Michael says, catching Gavin by the arm. His hair was adorably disheveled and his skin vibrated underneath Michael’s touch. ”What are you getting clothing for? We’ll be home before she’s discharged.”

“I…but, we need to go!”

“She needs to at least take a shower first. Remember what her doctor said? Take a shower in case something happens and she can’t shower for a couple days.”

“Michael,” Gavin replies, face going nearly white. “What if something goes wrong?”

“Forget I said that. Everything will be just fine. You need to calm down though, okay?” Michael says, grabbing both sides of Gavin’s face so he has to stare him dead in the eyes. He panics momentarily, glancing at the clock, before Michael rubs his thumbs over his cheekbones and some of the tension leaves his body. Gavin nods after a moment, releasing a long breath.


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